Mai Andresson coordinates B.Green in Tallinn

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B.Green is carried out in Tallinn and Helsinki by three project partners – Forum Virium Helsinki, Tallinn Strategic Management Office and Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre. In this series, we’ll introduce the people behind the project. First up is Mai Andresson who coordinates B.Green at Tallinn Strategic Management Office.

Mai, what topics are you working with at Tallinn Strategic Management Office and what kind of expertise do you bring into the B.Green project?

I work with different international projects as an expert or coordinator in Tallinn City related to the environmental field or urban planning. For example, EU projects like HEAWATER, LIFE UrbanStorm and GreenTwins. It has given me a solid ground for understanding the project life cycle and implementing my experiences in the B.Green project. In addition, my environmental/agricultural background lets me understand the “green” topics in depth.

What have been the most important learning points for you during the project?

In B.Green project, we have 12 team members altogether! I’m consistently amazed by our team performance; and, this has been by far the most valuable learning point on how to synchronize teamwork and value each member contribution. Also, I would like to emphasize our team attitude towards challenges – the team is focused on finding solutions and new approaches. This attitude is something I’m re-learning with every new project.

Which B.Green activities are you the most excited about?

I’m super excited about our installation competition. In summer 2022, we should have five different installations built on the Pollinator Highway. This is one of the actions that we can see how our work is forming into physical forms. And another thing I would like to point out is planning the allotment garden project – this is a unique approach in Tallinn. In the B.Green project, we are doing all the preparing actions, and if everything goes according to the plan, the garden will be open in spring 2023.


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B.Green – Baltic Green Urban Infrastructure Planning is co-funded by Interreg Central Baltic Programme 01.02.2020 – 31.12.2022.