Anna Semjonova is specialised in large scale city plans and works with city-wide spatial visions

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In this series, we introduce the people behind the B.Green project. Now we would like to introduce Anna Semjonova, a geographer and urban planner from Tallinn Strategic Management Office.

Anna, what topics are you working with in your organisation and what kind of expertise do you bring into the B.Green project

I am a geographer and urban planner in Tallinn Strategic Management Office. I work mostly with large scale city comprehensive plans and with different city-wide spatial visions. I have been involved with public engagement strategies and place making projects, using different approaches and tools (digital and non-digital). So I have been supporting the B.Green project with my knowledge and experience in those fields.

What have been the most important learning points for you during the project?

The process of reconceptualisation and communication of novel public green space design in Tallinn. Experience in collaboration between different stakeholders, joining communities, place making and tactical urban planning.  

Which B.Green activities are you the most excited about?

The ambitious plan that we set. Namely, to develop a 13 km long urban linear park in Tallinn. Designing nine different spatial sections that connect different city districts, strengthening the biodiversity of the green corridor, offering leisure activities and sustainable ways of urban mobility.

B.Green – Baltic Green Urban Infrastructure Planning is co-funded by Interreg Central Baltic Programme 01.02.2020 – 31.12.2022.